Thursday, February 28, 2008

My 3rd Night Shoot

Continuing to post my learnings as I journey from daylight into the dark side of night photography.

Went out on my third night excursion last weekend with my old man. 2 Hr trip up in the mountains to an old derelict blast furnace. I was happy with some of the shots I took.

The clouds Did Come After All

Architecture Under The Stars

So What Were The Learnings?
1) I realised when I was down there that I had no idea about how to find the North or South celestial pole.... I do now. Click here to find out how to do it for Nth or Sth hemisphere.

2) My new little Xenon torch was the bomb! No colour casts at all and perfect size and power.

3) Getting into a routine with exposure calculations is important (I only left it on 1600 ISO once).

4) Praying to the gods for clouds seems to work.... it was clear when we started shooting then we got perfect cloud cover through the night.

5) Bottle of red wine definitely goes down well for night photography


  1. Hi, gang! I love the shots you've got in here so far, and I'm definitely learning from your posts! I hope to see more. I just wanted to let you know I added a link to this blog from my own, Shards and Phractures.


  2. Hey thanks for the linkage like your blog. It would be really cool if you could include the genre of photography your pic of the day comes from. That way I could view the various genres you've choose as picks of the day