Wednesday, December 27, 2006

LE of the Week: From the Top of Duboce

From the Top of Duboce
Originally uploaded by Tolka Rover.
This photo I saw a little over a week ago. I thought I might have to stop by again and indeed I have. As I said then this photo "gives you a close personal felling but also demonstrates the shear size of it [San Fran]." It also provides a great feeling like the rest of the world is before you, waiting to be explored. I could explore this world for a very long time.


Sorry for the delay of the LE of the Week this Week. I decided to unplug from the net the last two days. However I'm back on and will continue to update. If anyone has any ideas for articles please feel free to email me or Flickr mail me!

Monday, December 18, 2006

LE of the Week: Origin of a Whirlpool

Origin of a Whirlpool
Originally uploaded by rogue_pigeon.
A lot of long exposure photos are really experiments with someone extending the shutter and waving the camera around. That is a perfectly legitimate way to achieve wonderful images. Nevertheless Origin of a Whirlpool is a wonderful example of the exact opposite process, where someone took the time to figure out how to achieve an exact geometric shape and reproduce on it on film. The time and craftsmanship of the photo becomes apparent, the final result stunning and mesmerizing. One that forces the viewer to examine it very closely only to realize that you will never understand how it is done just by looking.

Monday, December 11, 2006

LE of the Week: Fire on Ice

Fire on Ice
Originally uploaded by Wickedlady.
When I viewed the photo page of Fire on Ice, I said, out loud, "Wow! This is so cool!" What I like about this image the most is its cinematic quality. This picture could easily be a scene in a movie, and I'm sure it has been. But a moment like this one makes photographers think "I wish I had my camera." and lucky for the rest of the flickrites especially the Long Exposure variety Wickedlady did.

Monday, December 4, 2006

LE of the Week: weathered road

weathered road
Originally uploaded by in a box with a fox.
As soon as i saw this image i knew that it should be the LE of the Week. The imagine instantly reminded me of Alfred Stieglitz earlier pictorial work. The rain slick road, a clam after the storm kind of feeling. and the semi country setting all adds to this feeling. But the best part of the image is the overall warm wheat color. It provides me with this warm fuzzy feeling, which also adds to the pictorial feel.

Thread of Fame: water falls

water falls
Originally uploaded by elmshire.

Yet another photo that has reached interestingness #1 from the Long Exposure pool!

If you browse the comments on this photo they tell you this photo is great but like many of the comment sections around Flickr the comments do not tell you why the image is great out side of it being beautiful. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in still photography ugly can even be interesting. So why odes this photo deserve the number one spot on interestingness? I would have to say it is because of the time of day and the subject of the image itself. The series of waterfalls is not a common sight to many people or to waterfall photos. Most of the time waterfalls are shown as one gushing torrent. However when a photographer is able to capture a series of waterfalls like the one that are depicted a above it is very special indeed. When you combine the subject with a sense of timing that enables you to give it a new and different view than it becomes interestingess #1.