Saturday, April 19, 2008

Feed Issue

Some subscribers (and by some I mean all) might notice that there are random pictures nestled into the feed from last night. This was a mistake by me. I was fiddling with feedburner and switched the PhotoSplicr on with the Group ID inserted. However the PhotoSplicr doesn't support Group IDs so it got random pictures and inserted them instead. I apologize for any problems this might have caused. Rest assured this will not happen again.

Selection from LE Pool: Night shoot St james Square Grimsby (Thanks

I've deicded that the LE of the Week has gone far too long without a post however. I also thought that a weekly post is a little too demanding for me right now so I figured I'd make a post to the LE of the Week when I could and when I felt a picture need further exposure. Therefore the LE of the Week has now become Selections from LE Pool

My first selection is this the image about by cabstar1. Its hard to get a good black and white long exposure and this one is great! It really draws the viewer in. And it exudes mood everywhere. I simply love it!