Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The color of night.... (crossposted)

There's a certain amount of standard advice for shooting night photography. One of them is to shoot either Fujichrome 64T or Kodak Ektachrome 160T for film. Both films are well-behaved and well-characterized tungsten balanced slide film. With slide film, you don't need to worry about automatic machine corrections like you do with print films, so that's easy to understand. Both films have about as reasonable figures for long-exposure reciprocity as you'll find in a manufacturer datasheet.

But, tungsten color balance? Why do most night photographers shoot using tungsten color balanced film, or the tungsten setting on their digital SLRs?

I hate hearing standard advice without a justification. I like to research things to understand why the advice is given and to know when I can break these rules. To understand why this is the standard advice, and furthermore, why this is advice I ignore frequently, you need to understand the color of night.

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